Gary McCullough-Raw Earth Energy Corporation(non-registered)
Hello Elliot, I am glad I toured your site, very impressive, I lived in South Florida back in the 70's, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. I was familiar with the Everglades and the wildlife of the area and you did a fantastic job of capturing it in your photography, once again, very impressive.
Herman Rutner, scientific colleague of Elliott since the 1970s(non-registered)
Hi Elliott, I have known you for many years as a coworker and excellent scientist, later administrator at Becton Dickinson and thereafter officer or President of several biotech companies before retiring to a well deserved active lifestyle including photography.
I did not know of your great artistic talents as a nature photographer until recently.
I have viewed the pictures in your portfolio and admire your timing and skill in capturing rare often fleeting memorable moments on film.
I believe other viewers will share my high opinion of your photo skills and honor you in this and future exhibitions.
Congratulations on your industrial lifetime achievements, now culminating in highly creative photographic artistry,
Your old friend, former coworker and now email buddy,
Herman Rutner, Cambridge MA
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